About Us

About Lynx Enterprises, Inc

Lynx Enterprises, Inc. was founded just short of 30 years ago with intention of becoming an “upgraded version” of the typical Silicon Valley precision sheet metal supplier. The first thing noticeably different about Lynx is that it is not located in the Silicon Valley but to the East in the Great Central Valley City of Tracy, California. This site was chosen in response to the large number of sheet metal journeymen, mechanics, machinists and professionals who reside outside of the high-priced Bay Area. We were founded where our employees and potential employees already resided. And to that end, we were founded in a more economical region which has allowed us to be more competitive as well as more stable than much of our industry.

Now 30 years later, the company has morphed from a handful of mechanics and apprentices, building as much as they were equipped to build, to a total of 140 employees producing an enormous variety of products, “start-to -finish” in one of the most vertically integrated fabrication facilities in California. And now that too has changed by bifurcating into a second redundant manufacturing plant, located in the unique and diverse city of Sparks, in Northern Nevada. The two facilities back each other up to ensure our customers uninterrupted supply chain flow of custom product.

CNC lathe milling machine

CNC Laser cutting of metal

Our Strategy & Strength

The strategy of vertical integration has served us well and will continue to do so as we expand into even more and different technologies. Taking a sheet of material or a piece of bar stock, or a blank plate and turning it into a completely finished product with corrosion treatment, wet spray paint, powder coat, screen print, engraving, assembly , packaging (specialty or otherwise) and delivering it “ready-to-go” is only one of the advantages of our customers trusting Lynx with their livelihoods.

The major strength of Lynx is its people. As we have said even before opening the doors so long ago, “machines have never yet made products….people do”. Average length of service to the organization is 12 years. Total combined years of experience…1,150 years. Some of our people have been here since day one. Others as much as 19, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28 years. It has created a “family” culture in. A culture in the pursuit of excellence”. Hence the Lynx company motto…”In Pursuit”